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A quick glance around Home Again reveals a savvy, rustic-infused interior showroom full of high-quality furnishings and decor. A budget-minded shopper who did not know the store was primarily consignment might initially shy away because it looks high-end. Until they hone in on the price tags: Items expected to sell for $1,000 at retail are priced one-quarter of that at Home Again.

Lisa Gute, who opened Home Again nine years ago, knows the resale market intimately after being in the consignment business for 20 years. She opened her first resale business, a clothing store called Threads, in 1992 near the University of Utah and made her first month’s rent on the first day. She segued into interior design with a home furnishings resale store six years later, opening the original Home Again in Salt Lake City.

When she visited her then-boyfriend, now husband, in Jackson, it was love at first sight — the perfect spot for a new Home Again. She saw that furniture prices were out of reach in Jackson and knew locals would appreciate a break.

Gute credits her ability to offer high-quality goods in part to being in a resort town. “The quality in this valley is huge, because there are so many second home owners,” she said. “When they sell, we get the whole house, which is a lot of furniture that a designer has brought in from places like Texas and California.”

Home Again’s 4,600-square-foot showroom is constantly changing. “It’s amazing how fast things go in and out,” Gute said. “The thing with consignment that is so cool is that the store only works if the community shares in the consignment process, because locals are bringing you merchandise and making purchases.” Gute sees consignment shopping as a way of life.smaller staff photo copy