If you are interested in consigning with us, please email a picture of your item to [email protected]


I, the undersigned, deliver to Home Again items for consignment from today’s date forward on the following terms and conditions:

1. These items are delivered to Home Again on a consignment basis.

2. Home Again shall accept possession of the items and sell the items for my account at a cost specified by Home Again. Home Again will collect and pay applicable sales tax.

3. Title to these items shall pass directly from me to the purchaser. I represent and warrant that I am the owner of the items consigned.

4. All proceeds received from the sale shall be available for me to pick up within fourteen days of the sale of consigned items. I understand all proceeds not picks up after six months from the consignment date shall be void. Proceeds will not be sent by mail.

5. Compensation from the undersigned shall by fifty percent of the price at which items are sold.

6. If at any time Home Again shall deem it advisable to return items prior to their sale, Home Again will notify me and I shall pick up the items within fourteen days of notice. If I fail to pick up the items within fourteen days, Home Again may dispose of the items.

7. The consignment period shall be ninety days.

8. If I fail to pick up the items consigned after ninety days, Home Again may dispose of the items as deemed appropriate, and collect all proceeds therefrom.

9. I understand Home Again will take the best care possible, but can not be held responsible for loss, damage, theft or other circumstances beyond their control.

10. Home Again’s acceptance of the items on consignment shall constitute full acceptance of the terms hereof.